Wanting the love of Divine..!!

Wanting the love of Divine..!!

The flower basking
In the field
To find her love with sun
But it would be fed-up in few hours..

The honey-Bee singing their
eternal song in  the flower ear
With chorus of gentle breeze..

Is it only a lust..?
Is that blindness of love..?

The poet still searching,
wanting the love of divine
in permanent…
                          Kiran Athrey




#just I was acting like a krishn
        In the stage of world..
#she was watching at me
        Like a moon of Serenity at ease…

Just Remember Me


O my dear love..
   just remember me..
     When you be in sad,
  How I shivered in front of you
     when i met you at first time,
          Which makes you smile…
            Then forget me….

Just remember me
     When you be in angry,
What I cracked unlaughable jokes
     when i was with you,
          Which feels you joy..
            Then forget me.

Just remember me
     When you be alone,
How I pretended like friend of you
     when i wore mask of silence,
          Which intrudes you pessimism
            Then forgive me..

Just remember me
      When you get disgust about  life,
How I still live in memories of you
      Which makes you fright
            Then don’t forget me..

                                 Kiran Athrey…

A Human


Just ask yourself once,
  Who are you..?
Just understand once,
What to give people
       Who  Believes you..?
      you will be a human…

                        Kiran Athrey…

#love your dear one

#love your dear one
#love your dear one
With genuinely…
#love your dear one
#love your dear one
Without Expectantly…
#love your dear one
Always eternally…
                ❤ ❤❤
                Kiran Athrey.